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Dwarf Quarrelers - First Unit

August 23, 2010

Hi folks - was feeling a bit bummed that I hit my points target on Vampires (go figure, disappointed I'm done painting an army??) and for a day or two couldn't figure out what I want to paint next. I did some additional work on the Stegadon Warshrine conversion but then turned my eye back to the Dwa…

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Second Varghulf

August 19, 2010

Hey folks,

So I've read quite good things about Varghulf's in 8th edition (as flankers) and even better things about running two of them in a list. With that in mind I've painted up a second one, and this takes me to 1998 points painted. I kinda want to keep going!  However, I'm also starting to g…

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Vampire Hero (Konrad Miniature)

August 16, 2010

Finished this guy up this evening - I believe I will go back and hit the blood drops with some gloss. But overall pretty happy with how he turned out. He will be embedded in one of the ghoul units. 

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Vampire Lord and Corpse Cart

August 14, 2010

Hey folks, couple of cool new minis to share with you tonight!

I'm really happy with how these guys turned out. They aren't done to a display standard or anything, and I cut lots of corners, but they still look quite striking on the table!  I especially like the corpse cart results, with the green b…

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Dwarf Quarrelers - Airbrush WIP

August 8, 2010

Hi guys - the comment in my earlier post about airbrushing dwarves (because presumably they are too small for that!) made me think of posting a WIP shot of the next unit. What I've done is taken the photo after only airbrush work has been done. Up to this point, I have not touched a regular brush. F…

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First Dwarves

August 8, 2010

Hey folks - so I've been on vacation all week and spent most of it down in Calgary. Got back in time to attend the Bizarre Bazzar (sp?) where I made some decent GW money, and promptly spent a good portion of it on a bunch of Dwarves! Why Dwarves? a) taking a little break from VC, b) I'm not sure. I …

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Two Necromancers Completed

July 27, 2010

Finished up these two Necromancer heroes for my growing Vampire Counts army - they are built from the Empire Battle Wizards kit, which is a really nice little kit for this purpose imo! As you can see, they shop at the same tailor. I guess my Vampires have a uniform dress code that they demand of the…

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More Grave Guard, and a Varghulf

July 24, 2010

Hi guys, still trucking along on the Vampire Counts. I boosted the Grave Guard up to 20 (with great weapons) and added a Varghulf - I hear they are pretty good in 8th edition. In fact, I'll probably use two once I go up to a high enough points limit with the army. Still have another 30 ghouls to pai…

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Grave Guard Completed

July 22, 2010

Hey folks,

Uploaded a shot of some Grave Guard to the Latest Minis gallery on the left. I was going for an old, decrepit feel with these guys but not so much rusty because these aren't normal skeletons - they are the barrow wights of ancient kings. They probably had well oiled armor.  I actually bou…

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First bit of Vampire Counts done

July 18, 2010

Hey guys - two posts in one day I guess :)

In the new minis gallery to the right I've uploaded a shot of 30 ghouls. They arent ranked up very well (I'll fix that) and there's like 3 ghasts in there, which is kinda weird :)  I'll be doing more, however, and will split them up properly.  They paint up…

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Even more Blood for the Blood God :)

June 24, 2010

Hey folks - I'm still pretty fired up about doing a Khorne-themed Warriors of Chaos force, and momentum on the painting has been solid. So far I finished off a second unit of Warriors and a unit of Marauder Horsemen. I should note I plan to add banners (and musicians, in the case of the Warriors) as…

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