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Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry Painted

March 27, 2012

Finished up a quick and dirty unit of TWC yesterday. They are obviously "gaming quality" and there is a bit more work to do on them. You'll note the very plain bases - I'm actually waiting for the new Citadel snow stuff (part of the new paint range) to use on these (we'll see how the quality is). At…

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Darn you, GW!!

February 25, 2012

Man. I cannot break my "oooh new shiny!" habits. I've been really getting into the Privateer groove over the last couple of weeks, including buying WAY too much stuff and doing some actual painting for a change. I figured I wouldn't be buying much GW stuff for a while because there didn't seem to be…

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Imperial Fists Vehicle Showcase Video

March 6, 2011

Hey guys, new video to share - I did a 360-degree showcase video for  Youtube of the Imperial Fists vehicles.

See the video here

Some Imperial Fist Tactical Marines

March 5, 2011

I painted these guys a few months ago but never took a photo, thought I'd post them now during this drought of painting. My painting room is offline and I'm bummed because I'd kill to paint one of the new Arachnarok spiders that are out today!

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Storm Raven WIP Continues

January 30, 2011

I'll have to take a shot of the final vehicle using my light tent - this impromptu kitchen shot makes the red look super flat. Now, it IS kinda flat, but not this bad :)

This is nearing completion. I need to finish up some small detailing and dull-coat it. Right now in the photo the decals are just …

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Storm Raven WIP

January 29, 2011

I received my Storm Raven and Furioso Dread kits yesterday - I should maybe pre-order from Direct Services more often! Now, I did pay an extra 20 bucks for express shipping, but I'm actually kinda ok with that because it's given me something fun to work on a week early :)

I really like the Storm Rav…

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Various News

November 8, 2010

Hey everyone - been a busy few weeks for me! My daughter Julia was born this past weekend on November 6. Coincidentally the same day all the lovely new Dark Eldar models came into my possession (she's a wych!). So I've started the process of assembling them but with the new little one around my pain…

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New Imperial Fists

October 12, 2010

Hey folks - yesterday I added two more vehicles to my Imperial Fists army. I'm fairly happy with them although I reckon I overdid the dust on the dozer blade :) Larger images in the gallery.

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