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Skaven Hellpit Abomination Finished

January 25, 2011

Just put the finishing touches on this guy - when photos first leaked online of the model I'm not sure if I was really impressed. But now, having worked on it, I think this is an incredible model. As I was painting it I felt like I was constantly discovering details - and not in a bad way. It really…

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More Skaven join the army

October 24, 2010

Hey guys - decided the models below are likely going to be permanent fixtures in my army so I gave them proper paintjobs. I didn't paint the fire on the little rats on purpose, I felt they would distract from the team and also look kinda silly.

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A couple more games with Skaven

September 18, 2010

So this marks a major milestone for me - this is the first time I've played more than 1 game with any of the Warhammer armies I've painted (including 40k) other than the Tyranids. Maybe there's a long term commitment here with these rats!

Tonight I finished up my second game vs Robin's lizards (aaaa…

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Skaven Plague Priest

September 14, 2010

Whipped this guy up to join the ranks of my skaven (painted to "3 foot rule" quality, he doesnt stand up well to close photos). He'll help the Grey Seer out in the magic phase.

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First Skaven Battle Under My Belt

September 12, 2010

After painting so many Skaven models over the past several months, it was a treat to finally get to sit down with my friend and play a game with them! We played 2k points, Dawn Attack, and despite playing for ~ 5 hours we didn't get to finish. However, Lizardmen were declared the winners on VPs.


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Rat Ogres from Island of Blood

September 10, 2010

Finished up 6 rat ogres from the Island of Blood set. Even though it creates repetition of sculpts in the unit, I still find them pretty kickass :)  I love these models. They were painted pretty fast for gaming but I did put some extra care into them overall, just because they are one of the cooler …

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Even quicker Skaven

August 28, 2010

So these remaining 15 (from the box of 20) probably took me 2.5-3 hours to paint, maybe less. I think they could use some additional highlite work to make them a bit nicer looking. The musician in the back has a half painted bell mostly because I intend him (and all of these) to be rear-rankers. The…

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Quick and Dirty Skaven

August 25, 2010

Hey I have an idea! Why don't I paint an entire Skaven army, sell it, then paint another one! :|

So the new IoB set is really nice I'm buying two, and trading one of my sets of High Elves for a friend's skaven. I'm going to have a LOT of skaven based on that transaction. Because of that, I…

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