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Necron Annihilation Barge Posted

January 14, 2012

Finally getting around to posting images of the Annihilation Barge that was the subject of my recent tutorial videos! Also bought some of the new Vampire Counts stuff today - some really, really nice models. Picked up a wight king (I really like the new "single plastic" models, much more than fineca…

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Necron Painting - Tutorial Video Posted

January 8, 2012

I managed to complete a full tutorial video (finally!) and have posted it to YouTube - check it out! It's about how I'm painting these bone colored Necrons right now. It's actually a two part video, part 2 is still uploading and looks like it could take a few hours. If you enjoy the video I hope you…

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More Necron Work - Barge and Ark

January 2, 2012

I go weeks without an update and then do two in one day. Go figure. I could have just edited the last post but wanted to give these bad boys their own space :)

Remember these are intended to look "good enough" from a few feet away for some gaming fun. The green comes off a bit more garish in the pho…

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Happy New Year

January 2, 2012

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since my last post. Pre-Holiday I was pulling 12-13 hour days at work....combine that with trying to have a life with my kids and of course painting took a back seat in a major way. However, over the holidays I watched a video by MiniWarGaming in which Matt tal…

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Grey Knight Terminators - WIP shot

May 29, 2011

Here's a WIP shot of a Grey Knights terminator-heavy force I'm working on. Eventually it will have 15 terminators in it among other things. I love the models.  I haven't painted the "force lightning" on the halberd of the guy in front yet.

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Finecast, Day 2

May 29, 2011

So I spent a fair bit of time yesterday working on my Grey Knights list and painting Terminators along with this Draigo finecast model. Still no complaints on the quality.

Today I picked up a Stormraven and decided to also spring for an Inquisitor Coteaz model as well (plan to run him as a secondary…

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Finecast is here. A new era in wargaming?

May 28, 2011

If you believe GW in this month's WD (which I think is pretty decent), today marks a day in wargaming history akin to Man landing on the moon.

Now....I don't know if I'd go THAT far. But you know what, I do agree with them to some extent. I do think that the launch of Finecast marks the beginning o…

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Grey Hunters batch done

January 6, 2011

Hey folks - so I put the finishing touches on this small batch of Grey Hunters. I'm pretty happy with how they look in terms of a "quick and dirty so I can get them on the gaming table" level of quality and speed. They took a bit longer than I expected but I think I can get the speed up a bit on the…

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Happy New Year - and Space Wolves...

January 1, 2011

Hi everyone - happy New Year, hope this one is better than last year (although I guess last year had a few highlites, like my daughter). I'm a little worried 2011 is going to kinda suck. We'll see :)

So, this is random! Today I painted up a Space Wolves Razorback. I converted it to be a Las-Plas (La…

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Fine Craftsmanship

June 1, 2010

I was pumped to find that my Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 720 with custom cut trays arrived today! I used their tray designer to create foam which would fit my fledgling Imperial Fists army with lots of room to grow. To say that I'm pleased with the product would be an understatement - this bag (and the foam…

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New YouTube Video Posted

May 30, 2010

Hi folks - in anticipation of listing the Tyranid army on eBay tomorrow night I put together another video showcase for them. This one takes a bit of a longer/closer look and comes with my trademark cheesy music and sound effects (like the Skaven video).  Check it out :)

YouTube: Tyranid Showcase V…

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