WarmaHordes? HoMachine? Khador!

February 20, 2012

Here's something that hasn't been seen on my blog in ages - Warmachine! For the longest time I've been "lapsed" from the Privateer Games. I think I fell out of it when MKII rules were being tested. Something about the change-over was too much for my little brain, and I just kinda stopped being interested.

Fast forward to early this month (or was it late last month) when Privateer announced War Room. I'm super impressed by that program - enough so that I actually find myself interested in playing the games again! To that end, I've gone a little crazy (making up for lost time I guess). Bought a two player battle box, Wrath, FoH: Trollbloods, FoH: Circle, Wrath...Primal MKII...and piles of figures.

Yesterday I managed to make it to St. Albert to visit Thunderground Comics and Collectibles. What a great store and the owner (Roy Kim) seems like a super nice guy. They were actually having a tournament (league day?) and tons of people were out to play. He also had an *awesome* selection of WM/HDs models (though granted he'd just received a re-stock). Walked out with a ton of stuff (paid for it too!). Meanwhile, at work the one game that seems to have very consistent legs is WarmaHordes. A fait bit of 40k gets played, but I see WarmaHordes being played nearly every lunch hour.

So blah blah - what next? For now I'm painting up ~ 25 points of Khador. I'm also flip flopping constantly between doing Trollbloods or Circle. I love the new plastic Warpwolves kit coming in early March, and likely want to do a force using those. I hear Kromac is awesome, though I hate the model for his bestial form. Some of you may recall the ancient days when I actually had a small Kromac Circle force - it may still be in my CMON gallery.

In any case, seems my usual faction/game ADD is in full effect. Who knows how far I'll get with the army painting this time? The good news is WarmaHordes armies are smaller and faster to paint (usually). With that, here's the first unit I've completed to "nice tabletop standard".

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