Privateer's War Room

February 6, 2012

Last week's announcement of "Colossals" by Privateer Press naturally garnered a tremendous amount of buzz and interest. It features huge, kickass looking new models for each Warmachine faction (can't recall if Hordes was included in this). As a somewhat lapsed player of their systems (ok very lapsed, havent played a game in a couple of years). I was moderately interested, more from a painting perspective.  Basically I've drifted much more heavily into Warhammer/40k because of plastics basically. I don't really enjoy metal models anymore.

That said, I think maybe Privateer should have split off their OTHER announcement and given it room to have it's own spotlight with the gaming community, because I personally feel War Room is MUCH bigger news!

This upcoming app is amazing. It's a game changer imo. Basically you carry around your iOS or Android device, and you can

- build armies with all the latest updates and with access to beautiful full color card images

- track damage, status effects, and click on abilities to see the latest rules (including errata)

- connect to other War Room users to have a game, allowing you to view the opponents army and damage status etc

Phenomenal use of current technology, absolutely brilliant. This might be enough to start playing their game again because it makes it such a smooth, hassle-free experience - no more excel or army builder paper rosters, piles of cards, big rulebooks to flip through - it's all at your fingertips (literally I guess) so you can just get down the to fun of kicking each other's butts with beautiful models. Massive kudos to Privateer, I'd love to see this from GW, Corvus Belli or Sparatan Games.  Seems like the way of the future to me!

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