Got some Circle stuff. Maybe I can resist GW....

February 26, 2012

I didn't have time to grab White Dwarf today and I think that's partly why so far I've been able to resist preordering any of the new Space Wolf or Tyranid stuff. Meanwhile I stopped by Thunderground Comics again today - tons of people were there playing Warmahordes which was awesome to see. He was sold out of WD, but I picked up

- Cassius the Oathkeeper (yes I hear he's gimpy but the model is hot!)

- Gallows Grove

- War Dog for the Butcher

- Woldwarden and Wold Guardian

I was very close to getting Minions stuff instead (possibly Farrow) but the selection is much more limited (not the store, the faction). Nevermind the pile of Troll stuff I bought last week....eep. 

Anyway, I have a Destroyer jack in WIP, may get a chance to finish it to post soon.

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