Cassius the Oathkeeper and Wurmwood, Tree of Fate

March 4, 2012

Today I finished up my first Circle caster - Cassius the Oathkeeper. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out (for gaming). He's a really cool sculpt - the thing that took me the longest was just trying to do justice to his face, which is a very characterful sculpt. The photo is a little harsh (the sword is not that glaring silver in person). Also the hanging rib-cage broke off Wurmwood very quickly and I just said F it and left it off rather than try to reattach it :)

I hear Cassius is a hard caster to use (read: win with) and I'm still trying to figure out what I will take with him. I want to use at least one warpwolf based on the new plastic kit coming later this month. I also have a couple of gallows groves to assemble (they look like a pain so I am dragging my feet...).  I'm also thinking wolves of Orboros might be a good choice for getting soul tokens. If anyone has additional tips, please let me know.

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