Vampire Lord and Corpse Cart

August 14, 2010

Hey folks, couple of cool new minis to share with you tonight!

I'm really happy with how these guys turned out. They aren't done to a display standard or anything, and I cut lots of corners, but they still look quite striking on the table!  I especially like the corpse cart results, with the green balefire.

Now, if forums are to believed neither of these are great choices - especially the lord being on a Nightmare which will make him easier to kill. Oh well, I'm gonna stick with them for now.  I'm also putting the finishing touches on 30 more ghouls. They are done to a lower standard than the first 30 because they will be the back ranks and will die first. They still blend in pretty good I think. 

So basically I plan to do one more vampire (the Konrad model) as a hero choice and then another Varghulf (I hear two on a flank can be a severe pain for the opponent!). That gets me to 2000 points!

In other news, I received some Litko magnetic bases and tray inserts...finally. I really want to magnetize my armies, especially all these ghouls, but my Litko experience hasn't been too amazing. The order took three weeks to ship, then another 2 to arrive (which I could live with), and the final product while nicely cut etc doesnt seem very strong. I really want more bases but at 5 weeks to deliver them I'm not really motivated to order more for now :(

Anyway, on to the models!

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