Vampire Counts Skeleton Unit

September 25, 2010

Hey folks! So, it seems I have hit "critical mass" with my wife's tolerance for my hobby spending - I'm getting a constant stream of "when are you going to sell some of this" queries. So choices have to be made!

I think in the very near future I will be listing my Imperial Guard and my Vampire Counts. The VC mainly because I have opted to go with Skaven for the most part as my main army (with the occasional game of WoC thrown in for variety).

Before selling the army, though, I wanted to beef them up. So I've added a bunker of 30 skeletons for the Vampire Lord (on foot) to hang out in for protection. I will also be adding 10 more grave guard (total of 30) and am contemplating painting the new Dragon Prince models due next week as blood knights.

Side note: I've been on a quest to magnetize my armies for the past few months. I've tried "craft magnets" (not very good), Litko (slow to ship and also a bit weak) but finally have stumbled on the holy grail: K J Magnetics.  Their rare-earth discs at 3/32 deep fit *perfectly* under warhammer bases. I buy a few different widths. Superglue one (even a small one) to the bottom of each trooper. Then I line my tray with either basic sheet magnet from Staples or with flex-steel from Litko (because I bought some in the past). It works beautifully! The troops stay put and I can even turn them upside down, shake hard and none come off.  Full credit to Kevin Barrett for the tip to check these guys out. Oh, and they ship FAST.

Anyway, here are the skeletons!

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