Skaven Deja Vu!

September 7, 2010

So a while back I mentioned I might be doing something silly like painting an entire second Skaven army for this year (the first one sold a while back). Once I actually started playing WFB and getting a sense of the rules, I started missing the little rodents. The fact that the IoB set is so awesome doesn't help my ability to resist either (I've got 2 sets, and trading 1 set of HE's for more skaven...).

Over the weekend I nearly finished 40 of the clanrats from IoB (they still need work on the bases). They are still in that really-fast devlan mud style but I may put additional highlites into the front ranks. That's once I receive my order from Litko and establish who will BE in the front ranks. Jeez Litko orders take a long time :(  but I really feel it will be beneficial to magnetize upwards of 100 clanrats.

Meanwhile, just before IoB was released I started painting a Screaming Bell in anticipation. I finished him up tonight (so that's the second Bell I've done and the third instance of this kit) and am pretty pleased overall with the result. I think I like this one better than the first one I did.

I may end up selling the VC army if I decide Skaven are my first love. I'd probably add another 10 Grave Guard before doing so.

You can see a larger image of the Bell in the Skaven Gallery.

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