Mantic Zombies - a little disappointed...

January 26, 2012

Hi everyone! So obviously right now I'm doing a lot of work on Vampire Counts, and in particular lately I like to try and get core units done first with the characters/monsters etc as "carrots" to keep me painting (ie after finishing core I can paint something a little more fun). Zombies are apparently a fair bit better than they were under the last book, but I really don't like the old GW Zombie sculpts. So I turned to Mantic. I read a bunch of reviews about their Zombies, and they seemed like nicely detailed and very affordable alternatives. Most reviews were very positive.

I managed to buy a box of 30 from Sentry Box in Calgary. Upon opening them and starting to assemble, the glow started to diminish pretty rapidly....

On the positive side: the models do have nice details, and are a nice scale and just overall more visually appealing than the outdated GW ones. They are also very affordable given you need hordes of Zombies.  I dont know why I keep capitalizing "Zombie" but go with it ;)

On the negative side:

- You only basically get three variants. Each sprue is basically half a GW unit sprue in size, and contains 3 zombies worth of legs and torsos. You can mix them up to get some variety, but I feel like maybe just a bit more variety would have helped. This isn't actually my biggest issue.

- The sprues aren't that well designed in terms of the legs. The thing is, the legs are attached to round mini-bases that then fit into the bigger square base (see image on this post). This would be fine, but the mini-base is SO close to the edge of the sprue, you can't fit side-cutters into the gap. So you have to kinda mangle them out of there by cutting right through thick edge of the sprue. I guess you could use a hobby knife but I think most folks prefer to use side-cutters, and I think usinga  knife would be a bit of a pain (the connection points are a bit thick.

- The bodies and legs dont fit together well at all. This one I just don't get. You put the torso's rounded bottom into the rounded receptacle of the legs, and there's considerable gaps, raised edges etc. It's bizarre. I guess it seems to me like if you have just a few variants, it's worth making sure they fit together. As far as I can tell none of them fit nice and flush. Again, this can be worked around but overall I wasn't hoping to use greenstuff and lots of time to assembe a horde of zombies.

So far, chalk me up as not a huge fan of these. I will probably still use them (I bought them), but for now I'm going back to working on the 60 (!) skeletons I bought from GW. GW is considerably more expensive but this feels like a case of "you get what you pay for". It's a bit eye opening, and makes me appreciate the quality of GW plastics a LOT more.


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