First Skaven Battle Under My Belt

September 12, 2010

After painting so many Skaven models over the past several months, it was a treat to finally get to sit down with my friend and play a game with them! We played 2k points, Dawn Attack, and despite playing for ~ 5 hours we didn't get to finish. However, Lizardmen were declared the winners on VPs.

Now, I made a number of blunders (not making excuses, but I want to learn from this :)):

- The biggest one is I took 3 warlock engineers and priced them at 100 points each in my list (base cost). The correct base cost of these guys is 15 points. I basically left 255 points out of my list!! I know exactly how it happened but won't bore you with that minor detail :)

- I had one Grey Seer as my only caster. That's probably generally enough, but I did find with only 4 spells I was kinda feeling like I wanted more options. Also, 2 of my magic phases were 3 power dice for Winds of Magic. That sucked.  I will probably be adding a lvl 2 Plague Priest.

- I had a brass orb and a doom rocket. I missed with the orb and grossly over-rolled on the doom rocket. Fail. But very skaven-y I think!

- I rolled 2 mis-fires during the game. At one point a poisoned wind mortar plugged up for a round, and the other misfire was a warpfire team that ran screaming and promptly exploded.

- I casted death frenzy on the unit pushing my Screaming Bell. It was also in combat with Mind Razored Saurus. These 2 facts served to whittle down the Bell unit REAL fast. That was stupid. Letting it get into combat at all was basically stupid.

On the more positive side:

- I liked the Poisoned Wind Mortar enough to take 2 next time. See below, just painted these this afternoon.

- I loved the Screaming Bell. Fun to use.

- The rat ogres did very well, even debuffed.

- I probably need to add some Gutter Runners (poisoned) to harass the back-end of my enemy the way he does to me with skinks and blow pipes.

- Clan-rats were much tougher than I expected when in several ranks. They held out vs greatly superior troops for longer than I was hoping. I'm pretty satisfied with them.

I definitely enjoyed the Skaven enough to want to play them some more, and to paint more. So they may end up being my main go-to army.

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