First game with my Vampires

September 4, 2010

I had my first game with VC (ever) last night. 2k points against lizardmen .  We played watchtower (first time we've played that or used the building rules.

He was running

-Slaan with a 2+ range save, +1 dice for every cast, cupped hands, only hurt via magic weapons. He was running him without TG.
-Bunch of Saurus - 3 units.
-Unit of Saurus Cav
-2 units of Chameleon skinks with poison blowpipes
-EOTG with a Skink Priest

I took

-Caster Lord with FL, MoTBA, Amulet of Preservation (4+ ward), Helm of Command, Shadows riding on a nightmare
-Another vampire with a feedback scroll
-A Necro with staff of damnation
-2 hordes of 30 ghouls
-a unit of 20 GG with GW and Banner of Barrows
-2 Varghulfs
-Corpse Cart

Some observations:
- Horded ghouls were *awesome*. They really dish out pain, and they were taking a beating from Saurus warriors without really breaking a sweat. Neither of these groups died during the battle (although they got whittled down a lot by spells etc).  I think maybe 1 horde of ghouls might be enough though, I was starting to have trouble maneuvering. Might take the second unit in a more traditional formation.

- I screwed up on the GG and kept forgetting my banner, and also flubbed the Killing Blow rules. And yet they still did a great job of killing Saurus Cavalry and chameleon skinks. These guys are a must.

- My Lord did pretty well - I know a nightmare is not ideal, but it allowed me to move around the battlefield quickly to where I was needed. His 4+ ward save saved him against a full round of spell attacks from a Slaan *and* a miscast the slaan put on him.

- The Slaan is just ridiculous. He was using fire, which I realize is sub-optimal, and he was still hard to fight. My friend says he wants to try out the various lores even though we know life or light are better most likely. He was borderline impossible to kill. My one chance came from a Pit of Shades - he failed to dispel, it didnt scatter (I figured I had him dead to rights)...and he rolls a 1 on his Ini test. I fell out of my chair. Second pit of shades scattered and killed the stegadon.

- He blew up his own skink priest turn one. that was nice. But after hitting 3 of my units with chain lightning.

- My varghulfs did nothing (I ran them on one flank). Why? CHAMELEON SKINKS. Holy cow are these guys annoying/dangerous! He had a unit of 6 in both my back corners. With the varghulfs I chose to ignore them and just keep moving forward. Big mistake. The skinks put piles of wounds on them even with regen save I kept failing. These guys have to be dealt with quickly. But they are good at hiding in flanks (out of LOS for charges).  Im sure the V's are good but I just flubbed them badly last night.  These skinks even stripped a wound off my general and killed him.

- Shadows was good but I'll probably try another lore next time. All it was really doing for me was helping me try to Pit of Shades the Slaan (didn't have many options for killing him, the GG were tied up a lot).

- Corpse cart Balefire was helpful but the ASF wasnt great vs Lizzies who already have horrible initiative anyway.

- crown of command was great on the horde ghouls. I'll use it again for sure.

Overall I felt competitive vs a pretty powerful list. I made some big mistakes and paid the price for that.  If the slaan had died like he should have, things would have gone a lot differently.

Fear was pretty good, even vs the Lizzies! They actually failed vs it twice, which was nice. Most of the time they passed their LT.

Once my general died it was really game over - the second vampire just couldnt get invocations off vs the slaan to bring back my crumbling losses. I do feel that vampires are a somewhat weak army mostly due to the crumbling rule.  Up until that point it felt like a pretty fair fight - my ghouls and GG were really putting out some hurt, my Lord had some good spells going, the Varghulf "coulda" been contenders.  But once he nuked my general, forget it. Crumbling really feels much too harsh under the new rules.

 It was a fun game though - Robin is always a great opponent.

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