Dem bones!

February 11, 2012

Ok - 60 skeletons (ok for a hero) done. Finally. This took a long time because halfway through I had to travel to San Fran for a week. I captured most of the steps for these on video and will do a "speed painting skeletons" tutorial soon(ish). The photos make them look a wee bit too colorful. I added a fair bit of rust and "greenish tarnish" to these because I wanted to give them a bit of visual interest. But it comes off a little strong in the photos. With a unit this large (get your mind out of that gutter) I think it's almost a must to magnetize and transport them on a tray rather than rank them up at game time. Maybe I'll show how I do that, at some point.

Also I notice the little decal on the banner is slivered (silvered?) a bit so I'll probably touch that up.

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