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Dem bones!

February 11, 2012

Ok - 60 skeletons (ok for a hero) done. Finally. This took a long time because halfway through I had to travel to San Fran for a week. I captured most of the steps for these on video and will do a "speed painting skeletons" tutorial soon(ish). The photos make them look a wee bit too colorf…

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Mantic Zombies - a little disappointed...

January 26, 2012

Hi everyone! So obviously right now I'm doing a lot of work on Vampire Counts, and in particular lately I like to try and get core units done first with the characters/monsters etc as "carrots" to keep me painting (ie after finishing core I can paint something a little more fun). Zombies are apparen…

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Painted Vampire Counts Crypt Horrors

January 22, 2012

Finished painting up a few of the new Crypt Horror models last night - a quick and dirty job, no pun intended. I have a (somewhat shorter than the last one) video tutorial linked at the bottom of this post. Larger pics in the gallery as usual. They have a bit of glare, which seems to be plaguing my …

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Vargheists Painting Tutorial Video Posted

January 21, 2012

Hey folks, my latest painting tutorial video is up - finally - for some reason the upload kept failing over the past couple of days (it was a 4 hour upload). I think the quality of this one is somewhat improved over the previous ones, and hopefully they will keep getting better (assuming I am able t…

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Vampire Counts Vargheists Painted

January 17, 2012

Finished up the first set of new Vampire Counts models - a unit of 3 Vargheists (I may do more - but for the next box I think I want to paint Crypt Horrors!). These were fun and relatively painless to paint - I wanted to try a darker color scheme than the official pale skinned ones. I also took a lo…

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First unit of Ogres finished

September 19, 2011

UPDATE: side shot added

I love the new ogre models and am slowly working on a force that will include most if not all of the new stuff - Stonehorn, Mournfang Cav, Firebelly, Ironblaster, and more.

First though I wanted to work out my fleshtones and color scheme, and practiced that on a unit of the r…

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Arachnarok Spider - finished!

September 9, 2011

Wow - this is an amazing model, but also quite a difficult undertaking. I found it took me a long time to paint (although traveling a lot for business didn't help). In particular the howdah is very detailed and took a long time!  I enjoyed the spider more than the howdah :)

Lots of images in the ga…

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Arachnarok - stalled!

August 20, 2011

So I have the Arachnaraok spider and his based all assembled, primed and ready for paint. But I can't seem to get started...the spider is such an awesome model I can't figure out how to paint it in a way that does it justice! Mostly I can't figure out what color scheme I want to use (red, black, bro…

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Terrorgheist finished

August 12, 2011

Yikes - this guy took a lot longer than I expected to paint, and is hard to photograph - those wings are TALL! The thing I think took the longest was just trying to keep the bones neat and separate from the membranes. That said, I love the model itself and I'm really quite pleased with how it turned…

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Manticore, Dragon and Cockatrice - new shots

August 6, 2011

Hey guys, here's some new shots - I added lights, mucked with my camera settings, and changed the background. I'm far happier with the quality of these shots, including the cockatrice!

I also picked up 2 of the new zombie dragon kits (couldnt figure out which one I wanted to I'll be doing …

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Manticore - Storm of Magic

August 5, 2011

Man - I don't know what's going on with my photo setup. Even trying two different cameras, I'm getting weirdly dark shots (despite like 5 lights) and harsh color saturation. For example, in person the red on the wings of this guy is NOT this bright! Overall, I'm fairly satisfied with how he turned o…

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Cockatrice - Storm of Magic

July 28, 2011

It's funny, when I first saw this model's previews I wasn't very keen on it - but now that I've been through the process of painting it, I like it quite a lot. I think I need to get brighter/more lights for my camera setup - the images came out very dark and had to be lightened in photoshop, which p…

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Dark Elf on Black Dragon

July 24, 2011

I wasn't sure about this model when I saw it in White Dwarf, but at the store in person it really caught my eye. It's pretty kickass. I'm also working on the Cockatrice (reasonably price for finecast...) and the Manticore.

Looks like I might be heading into a "dark green" phase :)

Hard to photograp…

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More Skaven join the army

October 24, 2010

Hey guys - decided the models below are likely going to be permanent fixtures in my army so I gave them proper paintjobs. I didn't paint the fire on the little rats on purpose, I felt they would distract from the team and also look kinda silly.

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Vampires on Ebay this Evening

October 10, 2010

Hi everyone - just a heads up that the complete VC army will be hitting Ebay tonight at 7:29 PST.  It will be listed with a buy it now price so if you are interested at all I recommend checking it out early to be safe.  I'll post a link to the auction when it goes live.

Update: Auction is now liv…

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New Vampire Counts Showcase Video

October 5, 2010

Hi everyone - I completed the Blood Knights and along with that I have put the finishing touches on another showcase video, including music and sound effects appropriate for October :)  This also takes the army north of 3000 points. Aaaaaand I will have to sell it soon.  That's the deal I have with …

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Blood Knights Teaser

October 3, 2010

I picked up a box of the new Dragon Princes and assembled them yesterday, and *almost* got them finished today as "counts as" Blood Knights for my VC force. The main reason I can't get them done is the giant banner - I need to figure out how to approach it because I suck at freehand and dont have an…

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More Grave Guard

September 29, 2010

So! I've added to the Grave Guard unit and now have 30 of them. With the completion of that unit, I now have 3000 points of Vampires painted. I am, however, still tempted to paint some of those new Dragon Prince models as Blood Knights (they are being released this weekend). We'll see.

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Cairn Wraiths and a Banshee

September 26, 2010

Today I decided to add a small unit of  Cairn Wraiths and a Banshee to the Vampire Counts army. After finishing these, I'm 10 Grave Guard away from 3000 points. Basically I went to GW, picked up a box of Empire Flagellants and a metal Banshee and whipped them up in an ethereal color scheme. Pretty h…

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Another Vampire

September 25, 2010

Two updates in one day - crazy. This guy was lying around primed in my office for a LONG, long time. Today I decided to paint him - took me a couple of hours. His eyes look better in person, I think the camera is making the red of them flare a bit.

This could serve as a Lord on foot or just a basic …

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