Infinity Starter Force Painted - YuJing Japanese Sectorial Army

November 21, 2011

Hi everyone - jeez, can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since my last update!  I've been dabbling in a lot of stuff - including Necrons, and hours of Skyrim....but I finally received some of the Micro Arts urban bases and painted up a little starter force of YuJing. So now I have two forces and enough guys to start learning the game. I know JSA aren't considered a great force to learn with, but I think I can run them or proxy them as a "normal" force. I also got two of the MAS apartment buildings (HDF wood) and have one primed for painting. Love the style of those. AND I bought the new Infinity bag from Battlefoam - along with limited edition figure. So, I have all the toys I just haven't actually played.

Here's a shot of the force - this was a serious change from my usual style, in that I painted them by starting out with white (over black primer though) airbrushed on, and then did very think layers and glazes. I'll have to write down the colors I used soon, because it seems like I used a lot of them and I want to be able to add to this force.

I really like how they turned out (granted, they are done in the official scheme so not very original). My camera's battery was out for a long time and I think the settings reset, and now it seems like I can't photograph white or bone colors without getting serious glare. This is on ISO 64, and I tried to pre-set white using a sheet of white card - but they are still "blooming". Any tips to fix that? These guys look better in person :)


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