Marauders with Greatweapons

July 3, 2010

Whew - this was one of the most work-intensive units I've done in quite a long time. The main reason was the amount of conversion work - the basic marauder models don't do much for me, so I was swapping heads and also converting flails into Greatweapons. I also mixed in a box (pricey!!) of Bestigors since they actually come with Greatweapons and are very chaos-y to begin with. I like how this makes the unit look like a rag-tag batch of murderous dudes.  I worked in red for Khorne of course, but tried not to totally overdo it. This is probably my favorite unit for the army yet. I made their movement tray one row longer than necessary in case I want to add more guys to the regiment. The galleries have a larger image by the way.

Technically I should have more of these or even a whole other unit. I'll have to work my way up to it - it's a big, expensive ($) unit to create :)  Also, I have some plans in mind for a chaos Warshrine converted from the carriage of a screaming bell.

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