Man I miss painting :(

April 9, 2011

Some of you may have seen my painting room video on youtube and may recall just how crowded and messy it was.

Now my room is bare, with fresh carpet and paint, as we try to sell our house (we have an offer with a larger one, where eventually I will be able to set up a new painting area).

It's painful because I keep seeing all these awesome new models for Grey Knights and now for the upcoming Tomb Kings. I'm dying to paint all this new hotness, and completely unable to do so (recall I'm mainly an airbrusher, so it's not as simple as a bottle of paint and a brush with a cup of water for me).

Anyway, it could be as long as 2 months or more before I'm back in action so the blog will likely go a bit stale. Hopefully you will rejoin me in the mid-summer when I get the new house and fire up the air compressor once more! :)

- Jarrett

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