"Is this the weekend?"

December 3, 2011

That's the email I got from my buddy this morning. "the weekend" in question being "the one where we can get together to play a game of...anything". Sadly, as usual lately, the answer was no.

Between work (insanely busy) and three kids (insanely busy) and the holiday (busy), finding time to get together with friends for a game or two is proving nearly impossible. It's one of those things I really enjoy - the social aspect, getting to try some new rules or miniatures etc - but I can't seem to make it happen. These days, best I can do is play some Skyrim or other Xbox games, and squeeze in some modeling and painting whenever I can. 

In lieu of real gaming, alarmingly what I seem to be doing to "fill the void" is mail-ordering games and models out the ying-yang. I am surrounded by games/rules/models/terrain I dont have time to paint and/or learn and play. It's really silly. I have Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, Infinity (this is the one I've spent the most time prepping for - including lots of Micro Arts terrain which is quite awesome), and now I'm looking a lot at board games. Boardgames may be the best option I will have in the coming months because they are easier to learn (some of them) and faster to play. Right now I'm enamored with the look of Super Dungeon Explore - I have the models built and primed and hope to paint some soon.

I also contemplated selling my Skaven army because I fear it will never see the table again - but once I unzipped my Battlefoam bag and looked upon them, I was like "they look so damn good, I'll wait a little longer - I hate the thought of parting with these" :)

Is this a cautionary tale for gamers (don't have kids)? Nah - I wouldn't change a thing. It just feels cathartic to moan and groan a little about the lack of gaming.

Hopefully this explains the lack of posts of painted models etc as well.

By the way, I have a new favorite blog: Frontline Gamer. He updates regularly, has lots of reviews about stuff I'm interested in, and covers miniatures and board games. Great, great site - and frankly the reason I have the Gears of War boardgame on my Xmas list this year!


Painted up a  couple of the Super Dungeon Explore heroes tonight: the Paladin and the Ember Mage. I'm having trouble photographing my figs lately - this guy's hair is more yellow in person.

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