Full Mini ADD in Effect

June 6, 2010

Ugh - it's hitting me hard this week. I managed to paint up 90% of an Iron Dwarves force and start on  Orc Raiders before getting sucked into the Firestorm Armada universe (bought the rules, Terran and Solyrian starter fleets). I really love the ships in FSA and may end up simply going right to that game instead of US.  We'll see. Meanwhile, I need to polish up a few loose ends for the buyer of my Tyranid army, and I've got one of those hot Manticore vehicles for my IG on Saturday (he's in progress now). Oh, and I'm trying to paint Farrow Brigands for the July release of Hordes MKII. Then there's WFB 8th edition same month. Argh! My wallet!

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