First game of Warhammer Fantasy

July 18, 2010

Hi guys - this will probably be a bit rambling...

Finally got to play my first game of 8th edition last night! I ran my 1500 points of Khornate Chaos Warriors against my friend Robin's Lizardmen. He had a Slaan with Lore of Metal - I was quite intimidated by that. In the end, despite some really nasty casualties from spells - like the one that was turning half my units into gold statues - I actually did manage to eke out a win! It was tons of fun, really enjoyed the rules and look forward to play it again. I think I enjoyed it more than 40k :)  We did use some of the new terrain rules, including rolling to find out what rivers and forests are when you enter them. We ended up with a river of necrotic ooze and a venom forest. Both had some interesting effects on the match and I did not find they slowed things down that much. Also had a sinister statue that kept throwing out magic bolts at us but I dont think it caused any major problems.

I was so pumped to play last night that during the day I bought two boxes of citadel woods and fully painted and flocked them in time for the match (albeit as dead trees). They turned out quite cool!

My WoC have no shooting and no magic. None. So it does mean the force is a bit one dimensional :)  I believe I will be tweaking it to take a Hellcannon to make things more interesting (plus, they rock I hear). Not fond of the model but oh well.  I did have some anti-magic on my guys such as Fury of the Blood God on my General. That proved to be pretty important and saved his bacon (he did take one wound from magic, but never did die. He managed to kill a skink priest and eventually his Stegadon mount too :) 

The Slaan, as mentioned, scared the crap out of me and was the main threat of Robin's army. However, and I love this about magic - throwing all those dice lead to some big miscasts. One of them basically nuked his temple guard escorts. The ones that survived were no doubt questioning why they were protecting this guy!

My unit of 24 Khorne Warriors with XHW were incredible - they throw out a TON of attacks at pretty high WS and S. They just rock.

Skink skirmishers were much scarier than I expected! I tried coming at them with the marauder horsemen and they made short work of the horsemen with their poisonous javelins! When you have no shooting or magic, these guys become quite a threat! Luckily my ogres eventually beat the crap out of them.

Battle Standard Bearer was utterly crucial to my army working properly. I frequently needed to take leadership tests against my frenzy and this allowed me to reroll them. However, I took a magic banner on him (armor piercing for an expensive 45 points) - I think that was probably a mistake and won't take that again.

Along the lines of my last post and some of the comments you guys left:

- I get a lot of requests for airbrush tutorials. Problem is I have such limited time these days I much prefer to just do my painting and have fun :)  Eventually I might try to do some tutorial stuff, but truth be told there are already some decent ones on Youtube etc.  Plus, my own system is quite particular, messy and expensive - it's not for everyone I think.

- For Vampires, I actually want to play them "fighty" and avoid playing them as resurrection spam because as far as I can tell that's a drag to play against. I like to make sure my opponent is having fun!  So I'm aiming more for fighty stuff like ghouls, combat vampire, varghul - stuff like that. May not be Tier 1 or anything, but hopefully they are at least "feasible".


I tried taking pictures of the match last night but they didnt turn out great (just hand-held point and click shots). I put them into the WoC gallery since they are a bit large. You can see the new forests in there, although they look pretty washed out.


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