First Dwarves

August 8, 2010

Hey folks - so I've been on vacation all week and spent most of it down in Calgary. Got back in time to attend the Bizarre Bazzar (sp?) where I made some decent GW money, and promptly spent a good portion of it on a bunch of Dwarves! Why Dwarves? a) taking a little break from VC, b) I'm not sure. I think I probably ran across some discussion of them online and it piqued my interest. So for now I've painted up 16 (1 guy not shown here) warriors and I have a preliminary list made.

My approach with these is "playable" - to that end, I'm going pretty fast and being a bit messy. Also, only the front rank guys will have extra touches like pupiles and additional highlights.  When I played my first game, it really struck me how unimportant the ranks past the first one were, aesthetically. As long as the front looks nice and the overall unit looks good, yer golden.

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