First bit of Vampire Counts done

July 18, 2010

Hey guys - two posts in one day I guess :)

In the new minis gallery to the right I've uploaded a shot of 30 ghouls. They arent ranked up very well (I'll fix that) and there's like 3 ghasts in there, which is kinda weird :)  I'll be doing more, however, and will split them up properly.  They paint up pretty fast, and if they look a bit familiar it's because they are largely based on the pink/furless skaven I did in the past. I really like this fleshy, palid tone on them - they kinda look like the vamps from I Am Legend (imo).

So I guess the VC are off to a good start :)  Which is fine since I now have a playable 1500 points of Warriors of Chaos. I'll paint up 1500 of VC (will try to anyway) and then maybe go back to the WoC to beef that list up with a goal of 2500 for both armies.

Hope you like them.

Update: here's the basics of how I do them:

- airbrushed basecoat of P3  Ryn Flesh. The airbrush makes it easy to get a nice, smooth opaque finish. Brushing this color on is hard (kinda like white) over a black primer (which is all I use)

- washed with a mix of leviathan purple and P3 flesh wash

- drybrushed with Ryn Flesh

- drybrushed with skull white

- bone bits are P3 Jack Bone

- some khaki on the wraps

- hair is P3 Trollblood Highlite

- metal is boltgun

- I wash the metal and hair with my "tarnish wash" which is basically a big mix of inks that comes out a kind of yellowish brown

- mouths dark red inside

- various washes on the skin such as Baal red or thrakka green . Or even blue around the eyes

- eyes are blood red

I think that's about it :)  Obviously I do touchups here and there. The main reason this goes fast is the airbrushed basecoat (which happens to be pretty much their whole body).

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