Exalted Hero

July 10, 2010

Happy 8th Edition day, Warhammer fans :)  I'm still wading through the (gorgeous, but huge) book and rules. Not having played in the past it's a lot to take in (even though I have played 40k and WOTR). I've gotten as far as Shooting and armor saves section.  The game sounds really fun to me so far!

Work has continued on my WoC army - I finished up an Exalted Champion on Juggernaut. He turned out pretty good (photos are oddly out of focus). You can see him in the Latest Minis gallery to the right.

Meanwhile, I find myself pondering a Vampire Counts army - the ghouls would be really easy to paint! But of course I have been reading about the nerfing they took. Im not sure how severe it was.

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