Dwarf Quarrelers - Airbrush WIP

August 8, 2010

Hi guys - the comment in my earlier post about airbrushing dwarves (because presumably they are too small for that!) made me think of posting a WIP shot of the next unit. What I've done is taken the photo after only airbrush work has been done. Up to this point, I have not touched a regular brush. From here, a lot of washes are used to remove the "dusty" effect and create seperation between areas. I will also clean up the boltgun metal areas which tend to get the worst of the overspray but are also the easiest parts to fix.  At this point it's similar to dipping, where I apply a bunch of basecoat areas and then hit them all with washes (except with a dip it's all one shade). However, after that I move to brush work to clean things up, add details etc.

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