A hiatus is looming.

February 16, 2011

Hi everyone!  So, it seems I am going to be caving in to my wife's demands to move to a larger house (now that we have three kids and small bedrooms). I think it's going to happen rapidly, hopefully before April. As such, I have to gut my hobby room so they can replace the completely ruined carpet (paint!) and paint the walls etc. I may try to set up a temporary painting area in our unfinished portion of the basement but (a) not sure how feasible it will be to head down there every night and (b) I'm scared of spiders. And we have spiders.

So the site may have to take a bit of a hiatus in terms of updates, as I both cease painting for a couple of months and become too busy to update.

However, I am also looking to start up the auction season again with some of my armies and models, including the Imperial Fists, the recent Storm Raven, and Chaos WFB army/models. Maybe the Space Wolf razorback too.

I'll keep you guys posted. Painting is the one way I calm my utterly stressed out nerves, so I'm hoping the down-time won't be extensive!

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