A couple more games with Skaven

September 18, 2010

So this marks a major milestone for me - this is the first time I've played more than 1 game with any of the Warhammer armies I've painted (including 40k) other than the Tyranids. Maybe there's a long term commitment here with these rats!

Tonight I finished up my second game vs Robin's lizards (aaaaand lost again), then we fired up another game. This was the Blood/Glory scenario where you have a break point that you eventually hit if you lose too many standards or your general. I managed to win the third game. Because....

It was also the first game I've used the Dreaded 13th Spell.  Now I know why they call it that. I nuked about...26? 27 saurus with it (across 2 units, 2 different times during the game). By killing the entire units I replaced them with clanrat units.  With more standards in them. It was sick.  I really feel like this spell changes things for Skaven in a huge way vs not taking it.

It's also hard to imagine not using the Screaming Bell. I love the protection it gives the Seer, the unbreakable status of his unit, the 18 inch leadership bubble...AND the cool effects you get from ringing it.

I ran Stormvermin in both games (using counts-as spear clannies) and in both games they really didn't do well. Actually one of them panicked from a Salamander flame hit and ran through most of my army line, nearly panicking everyone else too!  I dunno - I'm suddenly thinking Stormvermin won't be a part of my list in the long term lol :)

Clanrats with spears and handweapons continue to be awesome - they can hold their own pretty nicely even vs Saurus. And they can take  Warpfire Throwers or Poison Wind Mortars, both of which have performed very well in my games.

The Warlock with Brass Orb has failed me in three games. I'm thinking he's fired. However, this time I did better with the doomrocket so i'll continue using that.

Overall the Skaven are a little stressful to play (because of the VERY low leadership and propensity for things to blow up in my face) but they are fun and cool looking. Gonna continue learning/playing them for sure.

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