Firestorm Armada - Directorate Battleship

January 9, 2011

Something on the interwebs seems to have pulled my eye back over to FSA, and I just happen to have a lot of unpainted ships lying around so I picked up my airbrush and this was the result.

I really like the style of the Directorate ships - they remind me of Star Trek ships a bit - and wanted a nice, striking color scheme. What I've done, however, is basically ripped off another painter I saw on the FSA forum ("Death" is the user, found here). I loved how this scheme popped so I copied it.   I did add a small personal touch in that I did more of a black wash, added some metallic areas and used a satin varnish on the colored panels. I like the results and like how different they are from the Dindrenzi I've done so far.

I'll probably try to finish up this fleet quick-ish (before my eye is distracted by another bright and shiny). I'm also finding my interest piqued by Dystopian Wars....

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