Directorate Fleet Complete!

January 13, 2011

Just put the finishing touches on the first set of ships for my Directorate Fleet. I intend to add the new R&D ship (it's on order) as well.  You'll notice only 5 frigates - I managed to drop one of them in 4 feet of snow near my steps so I'll have to wait until spring to find it and add it to the fleet :)

So at this point I have 2 playable fleets (Dindrenzi and Directorate) - and a starter of Relthoza that is beckoning to me.  I'd love to start playing - so far I'm reading the rules, very slowly. They are a lot to take in just via reading but I think I'm getting the basics down. May try to start playing with only the most basic movement and shooting rules, then add fleets and cards etc.

Once again I have to give credit to "Death" on the Spartan  Forums, I liberally copied his color scheme. I did end up with a relatively different looking scheme however, and I'm still pretty happy with how the satin finish sets off the colored panels.

You can see more shots of the ships on my Gallery page.

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