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Earth Reborn - 3 more characters done

January 17, 2011

Managed to get three more character models done for EB today. Not sure how long it will take to finish the other 6 (may take a bit of a break) - I have a primed Hellpit Abomination waiting for some love.

This is Lt. Vasquez (Norad), Jack Saw and Jeff Deeler (Salemites). 

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Earth Reborn - Frank Einstein

January 16, 2011

Today I finished off one of the Salemite faction figures - this is Frank Einstein. Pretty cool model - a little rough around the details, which probably shows in my paintjob - but certainly more than good enough to play the game with!

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Earth Reborn models

January 15, 2011

I first noticed this game in a post over on Fire Broadsides. Now, I enjoy a good zombie, and post-apocalyptic settings, and this has both. It also has a lot of positive buzz online - so I took the plunge and picked it up. It sounds like a really fun game.

What's interesting is the plastic models com…

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