Team Game of 40k - first in well over a year...

May 11, 2012

Last night I joined my buddy Robin and a couple of new players I hadn't met before for an after work game of 40k. The breakdown was:

Team 1:
Me: Necrons
Robin: Dark Eldar

Team 2:
Dave: Chaos
Pat: Blood Angels

Nice mix of forces which made for an interesting and very fun game. We ended up playing Annihiation with a Dawn of War deployment setup. Now, that sounded grand to me, but it created some..ah...challenges.

See, thing is basically Robin's army didn't start to show up until Turn 4. Like...any of it. And even then, it was VERY piecemeal and there were a couple of very nasty scatter mishaps.

So what ultimately transpired is I was holding back 2500 points of enemies with 1250 points of Necrons under the Generalship of my seriously rusty self!

And yet it was still a blast. I must say I'm quite proud of how I performed. I held the enemy off (and took a few out!) with my Necrons until Robin started to show up in force around Turns 4 and 5. When he finally was able to arrive with his Razorwing, Ravagers etc he started putting some serious hurt on the enemy teams (by then I was down to...uh...I think my Triarch Stalker and 3 Immortals lol).

My list was (remember, I'm far more of a painter than a player!):

- Overlord on Command Barge
- Destruction Cryptek with Solar Pulse
- 2 x 10 Immortals with Tesla
- 2 x 3 Canoptek Wraiths with 1 whipcoil and 1 particle caster each
- 1 Triarch Stalker (I don't think I've posted a photo of that one yet)
- 1 Annihilation Barge
- 1 Doomsday Ark

There were a few challenges from the get go:

- I didn't deploy the Cryptek on the board prior to turn one (walked him on) as per the Dawn of War deployment rules. Because of that, I couldn't use the Solar Pulse on turn 1 to turn off night-fighting for myself. He wasn't on the board at the start of the turn.
- Then in turn 2, under heavy Blood Angel fire (primarily from a Stormraven) I forgot to use it to turn ON night fighting for the enemy. This was big fail. I finally remembered on turn 3.
- Because the Doomsday Ark had to drive onto the board, it had moved on Turn 1 and couldn't fire the "big gun". It was destroyed before it ever got a shot off. That sucked. I'm not super loving that thing anymore, although it did scare the enemy a lot and drew off a lot of fire. Still, it's an expensive bullet magnet.
- I did a sweep attack against a rhino full of death company (I think?) with the Command Barge. Failed to destroy the Rhino and left myself as a sitting duck. I probably should have been more cautious with him and used him more effectively.

Now, all that said I was very happy with the performances of some of my units:

- the Canoptek Wraiths are amazing. That 3+ invuln meant they just kept going and going. And they did tremendous damage. Most of the game they were in combat with 2-3 enemy units at a time, and held their own pretty well. You can kinda see one of those fights in the upper right corner of the shot below. The 3 wraiths ended up fighting a unit of death company with an IC, a unit of Raptors, and a Demon Prince. All at the same time. It was really impressive. They also look super sweet on the game board :)  You can see my new Stalker bottom left.  The Annihilation barge bottom left has lost it's main gun. The Command barge near the Wraiths is destroyed.

All in all it was a really fun game. I think it probably would have been a little MORE fun if Robin's DE had shown up earlier. I think Dawn of War deployment kinda took some of the fun out of the match, but we still all had a great time. I really, really like the Necron army - it's not OP but felt very competitive. I wasn't even using scarabs and still performed quite strongly against a mixed force 2X my size.  I also love how the army looks on the table, they have a very unique look and feel.  I'm already looking at adding scarabs, tomb blades, and another annihilation barge (even though this one only got one big shot off in this game, I was impressed by that one big shot :)   Also, the guys had a few special characters (the Baron DE, and Kharn the Betrayer) so I'm thinking of trying out one or two of my own :)

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