Super Dungeon Explore...and those damn Hobbits

December 1, 2012
This is a bit random, these guys were half finished for a long time - I'm trying to finish up a fully painted set of SDE for ebay pre-Christmas.

Also, I was totally not going to buy the really expensive Hobbit store. But at my LGS, they had the set mostly assembled and I got taken in by all that nice looking plastic. I picked up the starter set and the terrain box, even though yes I realize people say you can just make that with popsicle sticks :P

Lately I've been trying to convince myself I'm not a gamer, just a hobbyist. If I can focus on painting and not lamenting my inability to get in any of these great games I'm always drooling over, maybe I can be content. Plus then I can stop buying armies and half painting them. (who am I kidding, 20% painting them). With kids, work and "life", I rarely ever have time to learn and play any of the awesome games out there. Although, yet again Infinity has caught my eye. You know, the thing with Infinity: I think they'd be seeing even more succcess if (a) they took another look at how they lay out and present their rules, and (b) they gave the units in the game easier names to remember. I realize they are being creative, but I can't help thinking the broader gaming community would have an easier time "latching onto" the game if the names of troops etc were easier to grasp and remember.

Sorry - I'm a little stream-of-consciousness today :)

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