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November 11, 2012

Hi everyone - sorry for the lack of updates lately. Work really kicked into overdrive in the last couple of weeks as we draft plans for Dragon Age 3. It's been long days, and what free time I have generally has to be spent on my kids and family "stuff". And the odd short session of video gaming.

Although I did start painting the  Heldrake from GW, the last miniature I completely finished is the Hellbrute below. He's going on ebay this evening as a matter of fact.

I picked up a couple of the new Warriors of Chaos sets. I'm hoping to paint up the Warshrine and 3 of the Khorne skullcrushers (every time I read that, I think of the triceps exercise).

But before that, I'm going to paint a model I've had in my unpainted pile for a long time - the Nurgle Lord plastic model:
Nurgle Chaos Lord

(image is from the GW site)

I love this model, I have ever since I first saw it. I think it's one of my favorite GW models in their entire current range (troop model). I also love that he's plastic and not main beef with finecast isn't the bubbles, it's that I find it really brittle.

There's so much character in this model, but so much room for a painter to have fun as well. It's a great balance of detail and painting "room". The only problem I have with him is the head seems small (probably intentional to make him more creepy) but I think I'll save a head-swap for next time I paint him. I doubt this will be the only time I paint one :)  Have to find a suitable head too....

So anyway, I don't know how long he'll take but I've already got him started.  There are several amazing examples on CoolMiniOrNot as well, showing what can be achieved with this simple model.

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