Necrons...for sale...

August 24, 2012

If this interests you, you will want to hit me up quickly before I change my mind - I'm not sure this is a good thing to do! It's a great army and Necrons got a lot stronger in 6th edition :)


The army consists of:

- Necron Lord on Barge
- Trayzn the Infinite (I think I might be spelling that wrong). I was using him as a Cryptek
- 20 Immortals with Tesla weapons
- 5 Deathmarks
- 1 Annihilation Barge
- 1 Doomsday Ark
- 1 Treyarch Stalker
- 6 Canoptek Wraiths (hot looking!)
- 3 Night/Doom scythes with interchangeable weapon/portals so you can run them as you see fit

If there are no takers directly on the site I may end up with them on Ebay in the coming weeks.  Why am I selling? Not much time to play these days, and back to school costs for my kids :)

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