Necron Doom Scythe

July 2, 2012

So I actually finished 3 of these this evening - that is to say, 3 ships with interchangeable weapons/portals to run as either Doom Scythes or Nigh Scythes.  From what I can tell as far as reading about 6th edition online, Necrons made out pretty well under the new ruleset and these ships are quite strong.  Oh and I do plan to do the base as well, but will be doing them in a big batch later. They aren't glued to the ships.

I was surprised to find that with all the Necrons I have painted, I'm still only in the ~ 1600 point range, so I plan to add warriors (Gauss weapons are great at stripping hull points off vehicles), a Canoptek Spyder, some tomb blades...other stuff. Most of which is already base coated (except the warriors, which are a bit of a chore to assemble).

Meanwhile, I put the first flesh basecoat on the Mountain King so far. I thought about filming the paintjob for him but my room is small (added some shelves) and I'm struggling with room for the tripod and camera placement...

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