My Display Board / Tray Solution

April 19, 2012

Hey guys,

So after spending some time at Ikea and Lowe's this morning, and a little creative effort, here's what I ended up with:


The materials were:

Ikea "Ribba" frame - 15 bucks

Two drawer pulls from Lowe's - about 5 bucks each

One sheet of "Joist Lining" - Looks like a big flat sheet of metal duct material - 6 bucks

Then I had some stuff lying around like some grey spray paint and I have magnets already.

So total out of pocket so far to make this was ~ 30 bucks. You can probably tell from the picture, but basically the models are sitting on the flat metal sheet which has been painted grey. I screwed the handles into each side for carrying it around.

The models that are already magnetized (the units) actually already stick to it quite well, but I may place very thin magnets on the bottom of the movement trays. Meanwhile I'm adding magnets to the free standing models, Abomination etc.  They stick very well to the sheet because it's galvanized steel. I think.

You can tell I have a tendency to go too fast because the handles aren't quite in the same spot on both sides. LOL - ah well, I still think it looks nice.  Also, the grey paint is scraping off the metal too easily. So it may need primer, more paint, or just to be covered with a different material of some sort.

But yeah, what's cool about this is the sheet can be removed, and I can cover it with things like grass mat from Woodland Scenics for example. I think the magnets would work right through that. I could also flock the sheet in different ways for different armies since it's removable, and can re-arrange the models and/or add models, buildings or terrain features using more magnets. I can (and will) also get a name plate engraved to attach - yep, you guessed it: using magnets - to the tray front and center.

So for now it's not fully flocked and landscaped etc, but I'm definitely satisfied with the results!

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