Musing on Army Display Boards and Trays

April 18, 2012

I totally thought that Warp Lightning Cannon post would break the silence on comments - I really like how it turned out. That's about as close to my ideal vision of  what warpstone should look like as I can get :)  I shall continue to have blog envy in terms of the authors out there that pull in upwards of 10-15 comments per post. Posting the latest minis I painted doesn't seem to do it :D   I also still have "Blogger" envy (Google removed the ability to track/enable Followers recently, from non-Google blog platforms if I'm not mistaken).

So anyway, as I continue to try and muster the balls to attend my first Warhammer tournament, I've been trying to figure out a good display/carrying board solution...

- I was going to get the Battlefoam X-Board but I think shipping would be too slow at this point.

- I went to Staples and got a magnetic whiteboard with wood frame, but that had a big air bubble in the surface (as did the others, after I returned it and checked them out).

- I was pondering magnetic boards from Ikea but the dimensions are a  little large.

- I thought about ordering a Realm of Battle expansion pack but the bummer is those 2 tiles are quite flat (I dont own a full Realm of Battle).

I'm probably grossly over thinking this ("Just get a picture frame dummy!") but I tend to do that...I stew and ponder the details over silly things like this. I don't have time to do a full, fancy board but still want it to look cool.  Then I can get back to stewing over whether or not to attend the tourney at all! :)

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