Migration to Blogger

December 3, 2012
Hey everyone! So, I think I'm going to pull the trigger on moving to Blogger as a platform. Right now I'm messing around with layout/design etc and trying to make it not quite so hard on the eyes - but it's a start. This should hopefully allow for a few things: easier to follow the blog (subscribe/follow), easier to comment (so hopefully I'll get more of those...), and basically the blog will follow all the conventions used by other blogger sites.  Like when you click on an image in a blog post it will enlarge. Basic stuff like that!

The 2 things I like better about my current site are the ability to feature an Ebay auction, and the gallery functionality. Ok I also like how easy this thing is to update, but I suppose I just need to get used to Blogger's interface.

Here's the new home for the blog, I'm still transitioning though. Ultimately I'll point the domain at the Blogger blog and not this one.


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