Losing My Favorite Gaming Partner

June 13, 2012

Well, today I got some really crappy news. My buddy Robin is moving away. Far away (like, to the States) and it's happening within the month of June.

Those of you who partake in the gaming side of this hobby (i.e. not just the painting) probably understand what I mean - there's usually one friend-slash-opponent who rises above the rest for various reasons. For me, it's because Robin:

- was a gracious and good-natured opponent - all the time

- painted his forces and took pride in his "preparedness"

- was fair but competitive

- put up with my really challenging availability (due to the kids etc)

- was generally up for trying out new games, and shared my enthusiasm for that. This is hard to find!

- (was also a great friend in general, not just for gaming - but finding a good friend who ALSO is a gamer can be rare)

- bathed, and wasn't "weird". Y'know what I mean?

So yeah - he ticks all the boxes and was kinda my "last" gaming buddy. The reason I say last is because of my crappy availability and general lack of free time, and because I don't know a lot of other gamers, and because they often play "other" games I'm not into at the moment (be it Warmahordes or whatever)....basically with Robin leaving, my gaming is likely to dry up pretty badly.

I can still paint of course. But part of what kept me painting - especially armies and new stuff - was the hope that *occasionally* I would get the chance to play it in game(s) vs someone. Robin was usually that someone :)

I have another friend who also dabbled in gaming (Derek) but he's also basically moved away due to a personal situation and work assignments (he's gone for several months).

The rest of the crew who I sometimes got to play with at work are primarily into WarmaHordes. Which means if I want to game, I probably need to play that. But if you are following the blog, you know that's not what I'm "fired up" about right now.

When it comes to meeting up with strangers or gaming with people at stores randomly - I tend to shy away. Usually because I don't know what kind of person/player I am gonna encounter, and I don't really have fun if the person is too hardcore, or cranky, or "weird". And I get to game so rarely, I definitely want to have fun!

Certainly this puts a damper into my sudden interest in Heavy Gear Blitz (thanks again Frontline!) and the upcoming Dropzone Commander. With Robin out of the picture, the odds of me finding players for those are miniscule.  I guess there's one happy party in all this: my wallet :\

Although even my wallet is wincing a bit - because I was dropping quite a bit of coin into Dust Warfare models (which Robin seemed to be as enthused about as I was, in terms of the rules etc). I even sunk a couple of hundred into fresh, thematic terrain. Suddenly the Dust models I'm surrounded by at my desk (at home) are likely to...well...collect dust.  I was really pumped about this game so it's quite disappointing. Plus I kinda spent my "bonus allowance" on the models lol....

ANYWAY - yeah, sorry I'm seriously whining, it has been a crappy day (this was just the cherry on top).

So what now? Not sure. I was painting Dust models but not sure it's really worth continuing on that route. I can sometimes scrape together a game of 40k I guess, so I should finish the 3 flying vehicles I picked up for my Necron army. Maybe that will be next.

For now I'll probably wallow in my sorrow for a while and play Diablo 3 or something.  Thanks for all the games and chats Robin, I will really miss ya!

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