Hordes: Trollblood Mountain King WIP

July 8, 2012

So I loved painting the Cygnar Stormwall and I'm loving this guy as well so far. Privateer have done an amazing job with these large scale models. For the Mountain King in particular the posing is really dynamic and the details are awesome - even if it got a little fiddly gluing on all those chains.

This is just a work in progress shot - he's looking shiny because I've done some washes using Future Floor Wax to reduce the surface tension a bit. So far I'm relatively happy with how he's looking - not sure where I'm going with the rocks on his body but my goal is something similar to the official paintjob (the rocks on that one are sorta tan colored - I like the change of pace from grey rocks). 

I have a Dire Troll in the photo both for (a) scale and (b) to show how I'm doing the flesh on him as well - very similar tones and washes. I'm a little concerned there isn't enough contrast.  I may have to fiddle with that a bit. Also I plan to add some reddish flesh tones in various places on the MK, again along the same lines as the official paintjob.

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