Hordes - Trollblood Mountain King and other musings

September 3, 2012

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I've posted with any regularity (or posted new work). I'm slowly getting back on my painting feet. I am back in production in my painting room and have a decent photo setup re-established to take shots of my work. So now I can (a) paint new stuff and (b) actually show you the results!

Hot off the bench today is the Mountain King, who I *finally* completed. I'm really happy with how he turned out. Hopefully you agree. This is one hell of a sculpt and VERY fun to paint, but more detailed than he appears at first. I think he took longer than the Cygnar Stormwall!


I've also been getting more and more interested in Spartan Games - both Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars. Firestorm has a pretty large following locally so it's the game I'm more likely to get to play, but I am very drawn to the DW models and have some Kingdom of Britannia models just crying out for paint.

I have two fleets in progress for Firestorm. First, and mostly done, is Dindrenzi. A couple of shots....



The fleet, on a Hotz Matz space mat:


I'm also working on some Aquan Prime ships, but having trouble nailing the color scheme. I like the aqua blues I have so far, but am trying to figure out how to add some orange or yellow, and/or how to paint the engine "tube/crystal" things so that they look cool. So my ships are like...half cool.


For the Kingdom of Britannia models I want them to look very much like naval ships "should", so I'm going to likely avoid too many bright primary colors. I'm contemplating using a dark grey-blue for most of the hull areas, although now that I look at the Aquans, that light blue might look pretty sharp on Britannia ships. Hmmm.

In other news I ordered a few sections of "the Rack" from Back-2-Base-x. I really, really like them. They look nice on the painting desk. That said, shipping is a bit high to Canada (not their fault of course) and they take a while to assemble. The final product looks really nice. The clear acrylic has picked up a lot of dust in my work area but I still look the look. Actually you can see the rack in the Aquan shot above. It's made to hold just GW paints for now (my overflow of stock!). I am thinking of getting some of their tool racks and drawers for my assembly/cleaning area. Actually here's a better shot.

What else....

Oh, like most of the hobby world I picked up the 40k Dark Vengeance box set. I have the Chosen and Chaos Lord in WIP right now. I must say, these are *gorgeous* models - it's amazing what GW can do with plastics lately. They are almost hyper detailed. It's also really interesting to see some of the ways they fit together - often NOT how I would expect them to in terms of separate should pad rims and stuff like that. Overall it's a helluva box set and I don't hesitate to recommend it if the subject matter interests you. I split the set with a guy at work so I won't be doing the Dark Angel stuff. Yet :)

Along with picking up DV, I stocked up on additional colors from the new GW range. I'm very pleased with how they airbrush, provided they are thinned properly with airbrush medium. They flow really well and have great coverage. Thumbs up imo.

I'm continuing to sell past work and excess models, so stay tuned for those on Ebay and/or my for sale page.

I think that's it for now. At home we're gearing up for back to school for my kids (starting tomorrow) and I've been back at work for about a week and a half so I'm starting to get back into a normal routine. I'm also getting a little addicted to Guildwars 2 (and League of Legends...) so hopefully those won't impact my painting time too heavily!

Game wise I'm also very interested in Dropzone Commander. However, it's basically impossible to actually buy the game (models) right now, which kinda sucks. IMO it might have been better to delay the launch until fulfillment and production were in a better place. When the hype strikes, you want to be able to supply everyone who is interested!  I think Dust Warfare hit a similar road-bump with the Soviet faction book (it came out a bit late, after a lot of heavy hype was taking place online).

Thanks for sticking around everyone, more to come!


Oh wait, one last thing - there's a new hobby magazine (digital - PDF) which is free, it's called Kinectic 7 (I don't really know what that refers to). It's a really good read so far (often I download stuff like that but only skim them - in this case I'm finding the interviews and articles very interesting). Well worth checking it out!


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