September 9, 2012

UPDATE: swapped the WIP shot of Britannia for a shot of some of the finished ships. I may try to add some numbering/flag decals to them but really happy so far. Dreadnought, carrier and escorts are on deck as well.

I like to try and keep things positive on the blog - hopefully I usually manage to do so (although there was the somewhat depressing Eulogy for my moved-away gaming buddy lol). I imagine those of you who visit regularly (no idea how many that is) come for cool images of minis and some inspiration :)

A Kingdom of Britannia Dystopian Wars fleet, in progress right now. I have no idea why I'm painting 3 Dystopian Wars fleets right now. And 2 Firestorm Armada Fleets...

Lately though I'm feeling irritated at my own hobby. And by that I don't really mean the hobby community as a whole, but more my own interactions and experiences with it. It's almost a sense of....resentment?


- I resent how much money I spend on the hobby. I opened up a giant plastic tote in the basement the other day, it is nearly FULL of half painted and primered metal models, just gathering dust. I'd say it's thousands of dollars worth.  And I can't really blame the hobby for that, it's my own compulsive nature. But I almost wish I'd never gone down this darn road!

- I wish I wouldn't start so many projects at once, and could just finish some off for a change. Again, that's a big part of my "new shiny syndrome". I don't know why the hobby completely overwhelms any semblance of self-control I might have. I think I am constantly chasing the high of a great game on the table, but never getting it (since I don't get to play much), so I constantly paint more stuff/new stuff. That's just my own amateur psychiatric self assessment.

I'm frustrated that it's super hard to actually buy Dropzone Commander.

- I envy video and PC gaming because they come with their own built in set of opponents and community. Granted the community is often full of jerks and loudmouths. But frankly I've had hundreds of online game sessions where I did not encounter bad people. It's just nice to buy a game (say GuildWars 2) and *know* you have people to play with every night, either casually or formally as a guild. The struggle I have with tabletop gaming is it's just hard to find enough opponents and actually find a mutual time/place/attitude for gaming. So I get that same sort of "I GOTTA PLAY THAT" urge with Tabletop games as I do with a big AAA new video game, but I buy the models and....that's it.

- Because Tabletop gaming is less popular that video/PC gaming, there are less stores that sell them. In my geographic area they are quite spread out. And because each game requires usually a lot of "product" to support it, many games just can't be represented. This differs from the way you can basically walk into a Gamestop and buy almost any electronic game you want.

....sorry this wasnt really meant to be video-vs-tabletop gaming lol, I'm not sure how I drifted into that.

I'm frustrated that the War Room app didn't live up to it's huge potential.

- My local gaming community frustrates me a little bit. It's not for the reasons one might expect - it's not due to WAAC attitudes or bad hygiene or anything like that. It's almost the opposite  - we have a lot of friendly, play-for-fun, normal average dudes who are great to game with. The problem is everyone is sorta in silos. So for example on facebook you have the Warhammer group and the Warmachine group. Then on Yahoo Groups (go figure...) you have the guys who like Historical and Boardgames, with a dash of Warhammer. Then we started a Firestorm Group....but the suggestion of maybe turning that into a "Spartan Games" group hasn't gone over well. They say "start a Dystopian Wars Group". So we fracture even further. These are all guys who like to play with tiny models and great rules, so I don't get why we can't build one big strong community. I realize one answer is "well do something about it", but I'm kinda feeling like it won't work. They sorta prefer to stay in little clumps. or big clumps, in the case of 40k. The other downside of this is that other games that might be interesting to try out like Heavy Gear or Dropzone Commander, don't really have a place to live. I see guys posting about Zombicide on the Warhammer page. I guess at least they are trying :D

- I'm frustrated that most game stores in my area don't open until noon or 1 most days. Majority of my shopping has to be done in the morning, lol :)

- I'm frustrated that painted models don't sell as well as they used to because it was kinda my "hobby bread and butter" (ie, how I supported my spending on more models). That said, everyone is frustrated about this in general - it's called the wrecked economy :)

Aaaaanyway. I apologize for such a long rant, and I'm not even sure what my point is other than some cathartic venting. Don't know why I picked Sunday for it. I'll try to paint up some cool stuff and post something positive next time :D

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