Heavy Gear Blitz - Southern force

September 28, 2012

Hey guys, jeez almost a month since my...uh...rant!

Managed to get a game in with the Britannia fleet (a short lunch game). It was fun, although I definitely find Dystopian Wars' rules to be a little hard to digest. In the meantime I also bought and started painting some Russian Coalition. Nice ships :)

I also picked up the new FFG X-Wing game. My son and I have played 2 games of it so far. For the record: he's 6, and he beat me even though I was actually trying lol :)  He's a born wargamer! X-wing is a great game - really nice rule-set, which is easy to learn but offers plenty of room for tactics and strategy. It has a nice fast pace to it as well, and the miniatures are of course very nice looking!

But because I never have enough games or projects in progress, I also got to work on some of the Heavy Gear models I picked up over the summer. So far I've painted up one unit (I'm doing a Southern force). It's a GP Cadre. Next up I will probably do a second GP Cadre and also a Fire Support Cadre. I really like the models, they are enjoyable to paint - although I'm not super keen on assembling them because they are metal and come with a ton of pieces. I really think they would benefit from finding a way to (a) switch to resin or plastic and (b) find a way to maybe have a *few* less pieces to assemble (I doubt it would require much sacrifice in terms of posing them).

So that's another rule set I have to come to grips with. So far I've read some of it and it seems complicated but maybe a tad easier to learn than Dystopian Wars :P

Oh - and after my rant in early September, I started taking steps to try and take a bit of control over this hobby addiction. I started an excel sheet and I'm tracking every purchase and sale, to try and hit a specific dollar allowance each month and not spend more than that (I won't get into specific amounts here).  It worked so far!

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