Disaster Strikes

July 21, 2012

Hi everyone.  Well, this week just really sucked. Did it suck for you? I feel like a wave of cosmic suck from space hit the Earth and all kinds of crappy things happened.

One of the big ones was during some heavy (HEAVY) rain last weekend, my basement flooded. The sump pump failed. Now, I managed to pull a MacGuyver and use my backyard pond pump to stop a lot of the water from overflowing the sump pit, but not before most of the basement carpet and bottoms of the walls got wet. Unfortunately once that happens you are SOL and have to tear everything up (carpet underlay will grow bacteria and mold very easily once it got wet).

So my basement looks like this right now (this is part of it)













How does that affect my hobby? Well, my painting room is in the basement. Although it didn't get much water at all, it did get "enough" to have to replace some of the lower drywall. As a result, I've had to basically empty it out and most of my painting supplies are in plastic totes and/or scattered around my upstairs office and garage.

This makes it pretty hard to paint.

I'm pretty bummed about it - it will probably take quite a while for the work to get done (hundreds of homes were affected so insurance and work crews are spread thin) and I really enjoy painting as a way to decompress! Plus I've been fired up to paint for Trollbloods, Necrons and Firestorm Armada lately (I got the new rulebook for that the other day).  The mountain king is not pleased, and is now stalled.  And this is of course literlaly a day or two before War Room finally hits iOS!!

The other crappy thing that happened this week (among others) was a significant number of employees got laid off from where I work (it was in the gaming press - they were part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic team). This included some really amazing fellow hobbyist and gamers. Suffice it to say this further eroded the pool of people I have around me to game with (to be clear, I'm also not happy to see people lose their jobs, PERIOD!). More and more I feel like the lone gamer/hobbyist - kinda isolated and such.

For now I'm turning to Diablo 3 to take the edge off - although I'm playing Inferno so it is its own kind of stress :)  I may upgrade my PC a bit or something, and just do some gaming for a while until I can get my painting area back up and operational.  My wife is "ok" with me trying to get something temporary set up in my main floor office, but I'm not sure I want to try that. I already have a lot of basement boxes/stuff up here just due to lack of space post-flood.

As a side note: In mid August there is a bitz-swap happening locally, I'll probably attend that with lots of my painted and/or "won't likely get a chance to paint it" models.

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