Darn you, GW!!

February 25, 2012

Man. I cannot break my "oooh new shiny!" habits. I've been really getting into the Privateer groove over the last couple of weeks, including buying WAY too much stuff and doing some actual painting for a change. I figured I wouldn't be buying much GW stuff for a while because there didn't seem to be any great releases on the horizon....Then they release images, videos and info about the new Space Wolf and Tyranid releases coming next weekend. Thanks a LOT GW. Now I have this urge to paint Space Wolves again (I think I can resist the Tyranid stuff for now).

The thing about Space Wolves that has always held me back is I can never get a blue-grey I'm totally satisfied with. That said, I was pondering it today (if you want to be a good painter, get used to daydreaming about paints and color schemes!) and I wonder if the Trollblood paints from PP would make for a good shade? Maybe Trollblood base, then highlite up to Space Wolves grey or something. Hmmmmm.

Meanwhile, you may have spotted him in the Latest Minis on the right, but I finished up a Juggernaut recently.

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