Back in Action

August 15, 2012

Some great news - since my painting room was not actually really hit by any of the basement flooding, I have been given the all clear to move back in and get back to work on my hobby :)

Here's my painting station set back up.

So I guess essentially I was out of commission for about a month, most of which has been while I was also on vacation (still on vacation until Aug 23).

It was definitely a drag not being able to get any painting done at all. That said, maybe a break was a good way to re-vitalize my interest and energy. Also, tearing down my painting area gave me an opportunity to put it back together a bit more organized to how I've been currently working (I originally set it up over a year ago).

In the photo you can see I have most of my airbrushing paints (which I also use normal brushes with) on Ikea shelves on the wall. The desk drawers are almost totally full of P3, GW and Vallejo paints. I actually also just ordered some Back to BaseX paint organizers which will slot nicely into that little area on the desk below the mirror.

On the flat desk surface is contact paper which I can change from time to time when it gets too dirty. On the desk are some Firestorm Armada ships I'm working on.   Firestorm Armada is gaining popularity locally and I'm hoping to actually get some games in. I also invested in some Heavy Gear Blitz models but not sure I'll find any opponents for that one.

By the way if you are local to Edmonton I hope you can make it out to the Bitz sale this Sunday - I will be there with a lot of stuff to sale, including unopened product and painted models.  Including the Mountain King (finished and painted) and possibly my Necron army (any thoughts on what to charge for it??).

So anyway, just a short update to let you guys know I should be able to start posting updates again soon (still have to get my camera setup re-installed) and getting some painting done!

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