Welcome to My Addiction

Welcome to MiniJunkie.com - my name is Jarrett Lee and I am blessed (cursed?) with a voracious appetite for painting tiny plastic and pewter models.  I'm also reasonably good at it, having been at it for going on 25 years.  So....why "Junkie"?

For the past several years I've been posting my painted minis and general hobby musings under the name Tincture Adept. Now, a long time ago that struck me as a great name: it's kinda about being "great with color".  Fast forward several years and I come to realize (as one friend pointed out) "nobody knows what that means".  It's also kinda hard to say and  remember - unlike some of the other sites I've grown quite jealous of such as MiniVault, Beast of War, Battlefoam.  All great names!  Tincture Adept also, in my opinion, doesn't fully capture the depth of my problem!

There is a term you will sometimes come across in our hobby: Figmentia. It is used to describe the way this hobby can drive you to buy and amass far more minis than you could possibly paint in one lifetime. However, it's been used before, and to be honest I think it only captures part of this affliction of mine.

I would describe myself more as an addict of the hobby. I am addicted to the rush of opening up a new kit, the zen of the hours spent applying paint to it, and the high of completing something beautiful that I can be proud of and others compliment me on.   If too much time goes by without picking up a brush, I can literally feel the pull of my work-station. I'll be sitting there relaxing, driving, playing a video game - and before long I'm "jonesing" to paint. I can't stop. And as with figmentia, I do buy too much of this stuff and don't paint it all. So like ....other....addictions, this gets expensive.

There, I've admitted I have a problem.  I am not currently trying to break this addiciton. And for the record I'm opposed to actual substance abuse :)  Enjoy your stay!

PS - if you happen to be interested in more personal details:

  • I'm pushing 40
  • Married with 2 (and one coming) kids
  • Living in Alberta, Canada
  • For a living I market video games. I'm the Snr. Product Manager for Mass Effect (working at BioWare/EA)